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The perfect Wi-Fi solution for businesses


Samsung Smart WLAN brings a whole new user experience on Wi-Fi, helping businesses rapidly expand their operations, save on operating costs, while maintaining quality of service.

For business centers, hotels, or restaurants, to meet the demands of accessing the Internet at the same time from a large number of mobile devices - such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops - Wi-Fi networks must be extremely speedy (bandwidth), accompanied by broad coverage and even distribution throughout the space. The same problem is solved for offices, companies with large staffs, layout work on many floors / floors and functional areas.

However, in addition to the two "weights" are basically the bandwidth and coverage, the "capacity of service" of each Access Point deployed is also the "heavyweights" that the IT department is often interested in. Decide on wireless networking solutions for organizations, businesses as well as customers.

And yet, in the growing trend of Internet of Things, enterprise Wi-Fi solutions not only ensure stable access, but are also ready for expansion. monitoring system, management of lighting equipment, temperature.

Say no to "fall wave"

Known as the world's leading technology solutions provider, Samsung officially introduces to the Vietnam market a complete range of wireless networking equipment for enterprise Smart WLAN, which highlights the line The WEA400 Series Access Point Controller and the Access Point Controller with two WEC8050 and WEC8500 models.

In addition, Samsung offers a variety of outdoor AP models, suitable for outdoor Wi-Fi deployments with high transmit power and water and dust resistance, and stable operation at all times. The harshest standards of IP66 / IP67.

Basically, the Samsung WEA400 Series is a high-performance 802.11ac access point (AP) device that is capable of running simultaneously on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Maximum data transfer rate is up to 1.3Gbps.

In addition to the WEA400 series, Samsung also offers the WEA504i and WEA514i series with MU-MIMO support, along with standard bandwidth upgraded from 1.3Gbps to 1.7Gbps. Services, tasks require high data processing speed.

Samsung also offers several AP series designed specifically for Internet-of-Things (IoT) systems with integrated BLE (Low-energy Bluetooth) and Zigbee integrated chipsets, enabling management and control. Intuitive, efficient, economical lighting, air conditioning, and even other AP transmitters.

Notably, the Samsung AP range is equipped with up to 15 underground antennas (12 antennas for Wi-Fi, and 3 antennas for surveillance and management features), as well as Incorporates a range of innovative and exclusive technologies from Samsung.

In this way, Samsung ensures constant bandwidth provision while ensuring accuracy and security for secure authentication.

More specifically, Samsung's Access Point products are equipped with advanced technologies that meet the needs of the business and offer a completely new user experience. The Samsung AirMove feature allows employees, shoppers and mobile users to move around in large areas without the hassle of roaming in Wi-Fi.

AirMove uses LTE Handover technology to allow the AP's "brain processing" to quickly determine the best time and AP for roaming, making the roaming process completely transparent to the user. counter.

AirMove technology allows users to move freely in large areas.

Meanwhile, the AirEqualizer feature ensures high data rates and is always stable with automatic time and traffic distribution mechanisms for each device, type of access. You can visualize a Wi-Fi network as a multi-lane highway. If you do not split lanes, slower vehicles (ie devices using older 802.11b / g technology) will "block" the car. high-speed (ie equipment using the new 802.11ac / n technology).

In large environments such as warehouses, shopping centers or multi-storey hotels, businesses typically install an AP on each floor, and these APs often have different SSID network names. This is a nuisance when users move from one floor to another because they have to connect to the AP. With demand for continuous data access, the AirMove technology on the Samsung AP eliminates the nuisance that users will not recognize they are connecting to any AP, everything is "transparent" and seamless.

Sit down, manage everything

Designed specifically for corporate customers, the centerpiece of the Samsung Smart WLAN solution is the Access Point Controller product line, which features the WEC8050 and WEC8500.

If the WEC8500 supports simultaneous management of up to 3,000 APs when deployed in pairing mode (or 1,000 APs when deployed independently), the WEC8050 is somewhat more modest with 200 APs (or 75 when deployed independently).

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